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Introducing Bulltrigger 2, the best VSR 10 trigger ever.

With this trigger, you gain up to 10% in fps (depends on your setup), no longer experience slam firing, hard trigger pull, and such. This VSR 10 trigger features precision-made spring guide stopper, aluminum unibody design, preserved safety function …
Sears in this trigger are surface treated with a special process that makes it as hard as some of the hardest mechanical elements. That means longevity and reliability.

What this all means is that you will have a very light trigger pull, easy cylinder return, higher fps output, a durable and reliable trigger that lasts

It requires trigger guard modification to install the trigger!!! (see image above) ➨ VIDEO

Consider using a piston, spring guide combo that is less than 5,30 mm (4,28 on photo). If this combo is more than 5,30 trigger probably won’t be able to catch the piston. Very few pistons/spring guides are more than 5,30. Most popular brands like edgi, wasp, maple leaf, action army are good to go.

If you are willing to use it in combination with Modelworks stock, you will have to do some little modification to the stock.

bulltrigger modelworks modification
bulltrigger modelworks modification


If you are willing to use it in combination with Maple Leaf stock, you will also have to do some little modification to the stock and trigger guard.

maple leaf stock modification
maple leaf stock modification
maple leaf trigger guard
maple leaf trigger guard
maple leaf trigger guard
maple leaf trigger guard
maple leaf trigger guard
maple leaf trigger guard


Package includes:

  • bulltrigger2 unit
  • mounting screws
  • user manual


Additional information

Weight 0.16 g
Trigger shape

new shape, old shape, straight

7 reviews for Bulltrigger 2

  1. Hellspawn (verified owner)

    Ingenius designed trigger unit that gives you that little extra springtension and it feels rly good when it locks back. Smooth triggerpull. And the spring guide stopper is very easy to pull out and push back wich makes maintanece rly easy. This is by far my favorite trigger unit now!

  2. Scott

    Amazing product great build quality smooth pull on the bolt would recommend to anyone looking for a reliable trigger

  3. Milsimminded (verified owner)

    The trigger has a smooth pull compared to the PDI trigger and other non-zero triggers. However you don’t get a perception of a “wall”.

    The increase in fps is there, but in no configuration I could get it near 10%. However since it is the only trigger achieving a increase in fps to my knowledge I consider this a huge selling point.

    The spring guide stopper is indeed very easy to extract and insert into the cylinder, making fps adjustments and maintenance that mutch less hassle.
    However if you have a modelworks stock you will have to mod it, since the shape of the bottom of the trigger is a bit different due to the way the sears work and the shape of the spring guide stopper.

    Another important note is that some springs might not be compatible with this trigger. If the spring does not compress enough due to extra material in the spring, you will not be able to lock the trigger back. this is since it needs a few extra mm of travel classic triggers don’t need.

    All in all I think the trigger was a good investment and I retired my old trigger for this one. It may present a few overcomable issues due to its unique nature , but still I consider it worth it.

  4. Nitanu Robert (verified owner)

    Review for Bulltrigger 2
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  5. Uroš (verified owner)

    Best trigger unit by far on the market.

    Ingenious design solutions makes for practicaly indestructible trigger unit which most importantly doesn’t change trigger pull weight regardless of what spring is inside.

    Very smooth bolt operation, easy to install and provides easy access to cylinder for maintenance.

  6. Marc (verified owner)

    Simply put, best trigger on the market, easy to repair and simple in design. For those that do not like zero triggers, like me, get this. Trigger break is predictable and crisp, and enjoy the added feature of being able to remove cylinder quickly. Well Done!

  7. Justus (verified owner)

    Its an amazing trigger. The trigger pull is short and light. perfect for what i needed. The screws that come with it are too small to thread into the jg bar10 receiver, but i used some material to make it fit snug. i am having issues with the piston not catching, so I’m trying to figure that out. Shipping also took over a month. Overall, its an awesome trigger, and i would recommend it to anyone.

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