VSR 10 full upper receiver PRO


VSR 10 full upper receiver PRO

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This is our brand new VSR 10 full upper receiver. Both barrel and receiver are made of aluminum and bonded in a fashion that you can not get them apart so it is essentially one piece. Because of its rigidity, you can expect better accuracy, more consistent shots, especially in between maintenances. Inside the receiver, we have 2 wide guide rings made of very slippery polymer that guide the cylinder precisely. In the last update we also added brass thread inserts on all M3 threads so you don’t have to worry about stripped threads. You also get 3 precision made barrel spacers so you have perfectly centered barrel. This allows for consistent and precise shots. You can also get a silencer adapter so you can use your preferred silencer.

Package includes:

  • VSR 10 full upper receiver
  • 3 barrel spacers

Additional information

Weight 0.45 g
Dimensions 84 × 40 × 40 cm

for 303 mm inner barrel, for 430 mm inner barrel

inner barrel outer diameter

10 mm (TNT+, some EdGi barrels), 8,5 mm (stock and most other inner barrels)


left hand, right hand

5 reviews for VSR 10 full upper receiver PRO

  1. Måns

    Fit and finish is A+, very nice to have the option of a TDC out of the box. Top quality product!

  2. andrew stevens

    Having had issues with the original VSR receiver and others, I purchased this ‘one piece’. with a little caution. I found that other receivers just never really fit. The outer barrels never completely screwed correctly to the upper receiver. However let me tell you the BullTrigg is an absolute dream. It provides a firm and solid foundation for the inner barrel and AA hop chamber and the fitted rings are fantastic. It fits 100% to the MLC stock, and the TDC is absolutely spot on. I cant recommend this enough!! Buy it!!


  3. ActualAirsoftReviews (verified owner)

    Check out my full detailed with pictures review on ActualAirsoftReviews FB page and on AirsoftSniperForum thread called “Official Bulltrigg barrel review Oct 2020” Also will be posted on Reddit with same title. Full reviews will be posted by Oct 15th 2020.

    For my JG Bar10 fully upgraded

    You need to get this, prior to installing this barrel my shots were constant 250 feet with accuracy problems. 6/10 hits. I struggled to hit the 275 foot mark as well.
    I am now hitting out to 280 and 300 feet with 8/10 hits using a toy pool for kids for target size.
    For a total price of $252 usd shipped this was worth EVERY PENNY. I believe my gun is now better than the SSG.

    Great communications with BullTrigg, took a month to get but worth it.
    The size of the TDC hole is a M3 using 8mm or 10mm long I was able to use a spare screw from my rails that came with the gun. The new TDC combined with the action army hop up is super easy. I had a skeees TDC mod prior. You no longer need the set screw to hold the hop up arm down. Simply the nub and spring, tighten the tdc down in the center of the arm once lined up. This applies more direct pressure into the hop up arm.

    Cons 1 of 3
    Scratches easily, just sitting it outside stabilizing on wood put some skuff marks, but comes right off. Becareful resting it on metal.
    Con 2 of 3
    Tight fitting a action army zero trigger in. The hammer pin [up and down to control the spring] would get stuck when I tighten the screws down. I had to file down the side walls. My prior receiver was an action army that came with a T cut out. Bulltrigg does not.
    Con 3 of 3
    Tight fitting the action army bolt in, pull is a lot harder, might need greese or just time to wear in the new seals. I shot over 50 times no problems with it other than harder to pull now.

    I will be buying more BullTrigg products!

  4. JonesyUK

    Review for VSR 10 full upper receiver PRO
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  5. Stephane

    The quality is top ! Tdc is perfectly centered
    Fit realy well on my maple leaf mlc s2
    Can’t wait to recived all my upgrade parts for my vsr project!

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