VSR 10 cylinder guide rings


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VSR 10 cylinder guide rings

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VSR 10 cylinder guide rings for stock receiver.

NOTICE: not for our full upper receiver!

With these cylinder guide rings you will get smooth (not gravity return) and premium feel operation. They are made slightly tighter to get this snug fit and precise linear movement.
Package includes:

  • two PTFE guide rings

For best results, we recommend to deburr cylinder slot edges with fine sandpaper and inspect cylinder outer surface for any dents and scuffs and make sure everything is flat and smooth.
This product alone won’t make your cylinder return smooth. Cylinder smoothness depends mostly on rifle internals(piston, spring guide, trigger, etc.).

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1 review for VSR 10 cylinder guide rings

  1. kevin (verified owner)

    very snug fit. the slide action went from loose to snug. requires some effort to complete bolt charging action in both directions. benefits of the snug fit is that cylinder is now very firm in place and generates very little noise. i expect with a bit of wear and some liquid teflon .. the action will become smoother and a bit more effortless.
    aAll in all very happy with the swap.

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