Improved and refined

After a year of selling our first ever made VSR 10 trigger, we made some crucial changes to it. This new VSR 10 trigger unit looks like the old one but in the long term, this is a totally different trigger.

VSR 10 trigger Bulltrigger
VSR 10 trigger


Overcome annoying slam fire

If you are experiancing slam fire or even worse than this is a right product for you. Bulltrigger+ comes with stainless steel surface treated sears that allow for strongest springs available on market. With this special surface treatment hardness of sears exceeds 65 HRC. That’s on par with most high-performance mechanical parts. This combination results in smoother trigger pull and one of the best longevity.


This is where Bulltrigger+ stands out

New outer plates are made of aluminium with nice little chamfers all around the contour to make it more user friendly. With some slight changes, we managed to make this new VSR 10 trigger operate smoothly and flawlessly.

On front and rear we use stainless steel to prevent any corrosion and maintain high strenght. Spring guide stopper is now rounded on all edges to prevent any cylinder wear.

VSR 10 trigger
VSR 10 trigger with safety lever


Safety first!

As we know safety lever is not frequently used but since we have to deal with some kind of weapon there is no excuse.

As always, safety first!

SDS system

No need to upgrade your spring

Bulltrigger increases fps by up to 10% compared to other VSR 10 trigger on market. That also means longer range. All of this is possible with our revolutionary locking system called SDS. It catches piston in by dropping the sear down instead of pivoting it back. 

VSR 10 trigger with safety lever


To install the trigger you will need to modify your trigger guard. Here is a video how to do it.

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