VSR 10 receiver

Spine of your rifle

Intrudicing our new VSR 10 receiver which includes receiver and barrel, all in one package. Receiver and barrel are bonded together in idetachable fashion which makes it rigid and durable. It overcomes hard bolt in last milimeters of return and improves consistency of shots due to it’s rigidity.

VSR 10 parts


Durable and light weight

This VSR 10 receiver is durable and very lightweight at the same time. It’s made out of aluminium which is perfect material for this application. Hard anodizing coat makes it resistant to corrosion and any scratches.


Fits like a glove

We believe that look and design of a product is just as important as it’s functionality. When developing this VSR 10 receiver we were very careful to make sure it fits VSR 10 stock perfectly and we did that. It also perfectly aligns with magazine cutout.

VSR 10 receiver stock

Guide rings

Smooth bolt action

Our VSR 10 receiver comes with gudie rings as standard. These are made of special plastic which is suited for sliding aplications. there are 2 guide rings inside the receiver and both 10 mm wide to provide sufficient sliding area.

barrel stabilization

Stabile inner barrel

We’ve also included inner barrel spacers. These are made to fit 8,5 mm outer diameter barrels. Our VSR 10 receiver comes with 3 inner barrel spacers to make sure barrel is well supported to make your rife precise and consistent.

VSR 10 barrel spacers
VSR 10 TDC mod


TDC ready

This VSR 10 receiver is TDC ready. What it means is that you can make TDC mod without any modifications to the receiver. All you have to do is to remove the hopup adjuster and use set screw to adjust the hopup

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