Bulltrigger 2

Reliable VSR 10 trigger that lasts

Do you ever find yourself miss your target just because you had to pull that trigger so hard? does your rifle slamfire? With our brand new trigger you can forget about problems of that kind. This is bulltrigger 2, ready to takeover field

VSR 10 trigger

Removable spring guide stopper

Replace the cylinder on the go

Maintnance is important but it can be quite time consuming to unscrew all those screws, sort them and put them back in the right place. with our newly designed removable spring guide stopper you no longer have to unscrew your entire trigger unit in order to remove the cylinder. Now you can just remove that stopper and pull out the cylinder.

VSR 10 removable spring guide stopper

SDS system

Gain fps without spring upgrade

Our special locking system that rocks sear up and down instad of pivoting it. This way we can catch the piston few extra milimeters back. This makes for higher spring compression and higher efficiency.Bulltrigger increases fps by up to 10%. That also means longer range. All of this is possible with our revolutionary locking system called SDS (straight down slide). It catches piston in

VSR 10 trigger


Never experience slam fire

When looking for new VSR 10 trigger your #1 priority is very likely to be it’s durability. Having a unreliable trigger unit that can slam fire randomly is last thing we want. New Bulltrigger is durable and reliable so you can forget past problems and focus on your target.


Beautiful and lightweight

Our new Bulltrigger drives attention with it’s beautiful aluminium unibody housing. It makes it lightweight and yet durable. This unique design eliminates inner parts movement, allows for even less assembly parts and provides rigidity.


VSR 10 trigger design
VSR 10 safety lever


Safety first!

As we know safety lever is not frequently used but since we have to deal with some kind of weapon there is no excuse.

As always safety first!

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