Complete Set

Complete set of bolt handle and cylinder endcap. Ergonomics and functionality is top priority here to allow for rapid fire and painless reload even with stiffest springs. This set completes the look of our full upper so you can’t miss with this combo. 

VSR-10 bolt handle
VSR-10 custom handle


Make it Your Own

Everyone likes to be able to customize some things so we made it possible. Handle base has M8 screw to fit any handle with M8 hole. We will add some interesting handles along the way. 

We are more than happy to get some ideas what the handles may look like.


Tactical Look

Bolt handle design is critical in airsoft bolt systems as they can be very hard to reload. Our bolt handle is big and grippy to inspire confidence when reloading. We also added tiny adjustment screw to prevent any wobble in loaded cylinder. 

VSR10 handle
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